What Now.

by Alcatraz Jazz

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This is an album that was 95% written and 100% recorded in five weeks. I (Peter Bonaventure) played and wrote everything except where mentioned.


released July 5, 2012

Special thanks to Cole Smith for the violin, and to the makers of the film Boondock Saints (1, not two, two sucked) for the inspiration for one of the tracks, and the obvious contribution.



all rights reserved


Alcatraz Jazz Wilton, Connecticut

A solo project featuring many different artists and singers. All of this is written, performed, produced and recorded by the man in black.

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Track Name: Tattoos
Vodka, scotch, or rum or whisky
she gets a little frisky
thats alright with me

All she wants is what she gets
what she gets is the effects
of Rx sex and cigarettes

Puts on her red lipstick
if the guys she wants
has a big heart

She dont want a goodbye kiss
shed rather a cough
if you try sheel tell you
to piss off

Shees a little rude
shees a little crude
always in the mood


get along or dont
it dont matter to her
she wont be a stickler

Wake up when its sunny
she took your car keys and your money
thats what I call a good night

one two three four

Track Name: Feeding the Leaches
Feeding the Leeches

You think you're so much
more than you are
you must be the shit cause you
got a nice car

you think I don't smell you
over my shoulder
I just smile and pray
you get older

suck quick
like a tick
drain what isn't yours
stick pick
what you need
slink back to the floor

so useless
just follow the leader
your a sheep
your a pig
your an insect
your a feeder

Your a leech
sucking my blood
your a leech
get your ass back in the mud
your a leech
use me till I die
your a leech
there aint nothin you cant buy

I know you
you hate me
but you fake hello goodbye
cause you know life aint free

your just smart enough
to get what you need
your just tough enough
to be the better breed
steal now
cause you know how
you don't need a gun
be sick
be a dick
do it for the fun

so useless
just follow the leader
your a sheep your a pig
and insect and a feeder

your a leech
living your life for free
your a leech
killin my sympathy
your a leech
only a man when your pride, is hurt
your a leach
so sink back in the dirt

Take me away from the place cause it holds me
Take me away from this place, it controls me
Take me away, the sky is grey, we all decay
Take me away from this hell it destroys me
Take me away from these fools, they annoy me
The all obey, they all betray, there led astray
take me away
Drum break
(repeat “take me away” however much you want)­

Solo over verse

Your a leach
suckin me dry
your leech
a worm until you die
Your a leech
im fed up I cant take it
Your a leech
Take my blood and somethin else
Track Name: It's not what they say it is
Its not what they say it is

Do you believe everything you hear on TV
Do you believe everything that you see in the news
if you do you're a fool, they control your school
they love to say they dont get their way
but they do
I know its all lies and so should you

Its not what they say it is
its not what they say it is
its not what they say it is
never has been
never will be

They're makin off with all the cash
They do it fast
They use the television
they control your religion
make you think that you are sinnin
make you feel like you are winnin
but you're not
they smile as they take all the money you got

Attention people of the USA
Your politicians are magicians
your advocates are liers
your weakness is the indecision
to set them all on fire
Track Name: With all the best intentions
With all the Best Intentions

You smile
with all the best intentions baby doll
you cry a little
cry out for attention
for a little while

You give in
you give in
thats how you get what you want
he said he hates the world
and you agreed
he said he was an artist
didn't he
didn't he

now your filled with hope
but hes sellin dope
you know heel end up on a rope

but you prefer the lies
try a little bit
cause good intentions dont mean shit

He left you out on the curb
Youve got a lot of nerve
crawlin back to me
on your bloody hands and knees
beggin please please
daddies little princess
got kicked out of her castle
thrown out of her home
you need me
of course
cause sweet guys sleep alone
and your good intentions got you kicked out the door
your hair extensions aint your biggest problem anymore

you'll never learn
now your at a loss
cause youve burned every bridge you could cross

what a fuckin shame
look what you became
now you have only you to blame
now you can see that they're scum
now your time to finally has come
Track Name: Out of Body, Out of Mind
Out of Body, Out of Mind


Stay home
stay home and leave
me alone
Im out
im out of tricks in my sleeve
just leave me in peace
My ears are bleedin
my joy is fleeting
my wounds are filled with salt
My chest is scared
MY lungs are filled with tar
and its all your fault, its all your fault
its allll your fault
iiiiii blame you for it all

Outa body
outa mind
thats a dirty fuckin lie
my biggest problems stuck with me
until I damn well die

I try
I try to rid my mind
of you

no amount of booze in the world could do it
no amount of muse in a girl could shew it, away

tsh tsh tsh tsh tsh tsh

you lied you lied
you said we was fine
get it

Track Name: Harder than it has to be
Harder than it has to be

Your transparent
on purpose
you might hurt me
but its worth it

go ahead
call my a lier

I got booze and nothin to loose
I got no choice but to choose

dont play coy with a toy thats as stable as a fire

lay your cards
lay your cards on the table
this game
this game is out played


Dont make it harder
than it has to be
I want you and you want me
than it has to be
I want you and you want me

Hard to get
never got no one nowhere
we could play games
I wont play fair

go ahead
light it on fire

your a tease your like a disease
you want fun and my fun is free

the gun in my hand is ready to go
like me

the ball
the balls in your court

lets cut
lets cut this game short

Track Name: Hats off to Jack
Hats off to Jack

Way down deep in a town in the sand
lived a man named jack said I own this land
All I gots my forty five and a beautiful girl names jane to keep me alive

Well jack left town for a couple of weeks
shootin folks with debt dead on the street
all right

Well jack went down to see
jack went down to see
jack went down to see his girl

Turned out a few of his enemy guys
shot sweet jane through her eyes
all right

Jack said
Ill bury those deamonds in the mud
chase my jack and daniels with their blood

Well jack went down to be
jack went down to be
jack went down to be alone

A few days past till his return
jack came back with a inside fire burn

He cocked his gun and drew his knife
rode his horse into the night
all right

Well jack shot em dead
jack shot em dead
Jack blew their brains out their head

When jack dropped the last one to his knees
He begged jack dont kill me please

I got kids and a wife and a family
Jack said thats good news to me
cause I aint done
I got more bullets in my gun

Well jack killed em all
jack killed em all
Then jack blew his brains out on the wall
Track Name: Cold Blooded Killer
Cold Blooded Killer

Cold Blooded Killer
dont let em win
they've made you dead inside, and took your pride
but you're a good man I can see

Cold blooded killer
come with me
get out of the wet regret air
be free

Cold Blooded Killer
what have they done
they've made you cruel cruel man
goodness overrun

Theyve cast you out
cast you out in the rain
They made you out
made you insane

Theyve torn you down
tore your heart from your chest
they took your soul
let you keep the rest

Cold blooded killer
theres no where to run
theyve made you a shred of the man
you could have become

Cold blooded killer
this is the end
called you an animal, pure evil
so no one points to them

Cold blooded killer
the end comes fast
listen for the morning birds
they say today day is your last

They're the animals
they're the devils
of this world

Rest you're head
its over soon
You're tik tok clock
clocks out at noon

The click of of the key on the lock of the cell
The tik of the clock and the final bell
his chest is void where love once dwelled
the birds they chirp his time has come
the birds they chirp bring out the gun
the birds they sing that sweet old song
his day is done
his day is done
his day is done
his day is done
Track Name: Charlie

Well charlie wakes up morning after morning
he gets sicker every fuckin day

His life has no purpose
hes so normal on the surface
but charlie's filled with cold cold rage

Today I change the world
I dont want to be nobodies slave

the morning birds are chirpin
tell me to send them to their grave

And I abide by you
I dont abide by rules

I make them rue
Im whats pure and truee

I am Charlie
King of Kings
Im the man keepin evil outa things

I am Charlie
no need for thanks
I rid you of those cruel and rank

I am Charlie
The man you dont see
I am Charlie dont you run from me

Ill catch you catch you
dont you run
I'll Catch you catch you dont you hide
You cant escape so why go try
Cause Charlies here and charlie has a gun

Charlie is the catalyst
solving all your problems with his fist

Charlie is just Jesus christ
keepin your kids safe with his knife

Charlie hates the buisness man
who steals all this money from your hand

Charlie hates the criminal
who wouldn't
think much more
before he put fuckin bullet in your skull

I know you think it too
I do it all for you

I draw their evil blood
I do it all for good

Track Name: Holding Bombs
Holding Bombs


You're stuck in your mind
your trapped and things get worse
oh, how time has elapsed
stuck, in your box
look at the clocks
they go
tik tik tik tik tik tik tik tik tik tik
ticking time
I hate the thought of too late my friend
I hate the thought of the end my friend
I ain't so tall
after all
so scared i can't pretend
Go ah
Tik tik tik tik tik tik tik tik tik tik
ticking time
stay calm
Tik tik tik tik tik tik tik tik tik tik
like im holding a bomb

You got too much in your head boy
It's circling circling round
too inclined to destroy
you're spiraling spiraling down
You got too much in your head
spinning and spinning till you're dead
you need to take deep breaths and slow down
else that day
else that day will

cut cut cut cut cut cut cut cut cut cut cut cut
you know what what what what what what what what what
what i mean
don'e lie
in my eye
I dread the thought of your red my friend
I fear the ring of the phone
the voice on the line
tell me the time of your last breath
gas cant keep you alive
alive, live my friend

else its a matter of